Ever wondered how you can monetize on social media?

You put so much time and effort into posting relevant content, taking pictures to post across your social accounts, asking questions, answering questions, but do not see how this positively effects your bottom line?

In this post, Ill be sharing some strategies from our Lead Generation System that you should be implementing right now to get more clients for your business by using social media platforms so you can begin to monetize on your following and hard work. 

The method I cover is through effective social media advertising by targeting your ideal client, providing value, capturing their information, nurturing the relationship and converting into sales!

So lets get into it..


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Here are the 4 phases and strategies that outline our Lead Generation System:

#1 ATTRACT: Your Target Audience With A Valuable Offer

You first need to do customer research to identify what your ideal customers pain points are and craft your message and solution around how you can solve them. 

Once you identify your target audience, their relevant pain points, and have crafted your message around how you are going to solve their pain points, and provide an irresistable offer (lead magnet) on how you can solve their pain points within a strategic campaign!

#2 CAPTURE: Qualify Your Lead and Capture Their Information

Every successful ad campaign has a strong CTA (call-to-action) which prompts the user to take the next step: Learn More, Buy Now, Download, etc. Make sure that your CTA is aligned with your offer.  

Now once the user completes your CTA, it should redirect them to a form of some sort so they can provide their contanct information in exchange for your valuable offer. Forms can be on campaign landing pages, messenger bots, or even a form within the social platform itself.

As for what to ask within your form, you’ll find that name and email are most common, however depending on what your offer is, you can ask more qualifying questions, such as: What service are you interested in? What is your timeframe?

Once the lead clicks your CTA, completes the form providing all required information, you need to setup an automation that sends them their valuable resource or offer (as promised, in exchange for providing their information to you). From here, you have the opportunity to be alerted, so you can notify the lead and move forward on any next steps.

#3 NURTURE: They Need To Know, Like, and Trust You If They Are Going to Buy From You

Depending on your industry, this is where you can either contact the lead right away to discuss obtaining or scheduling their offer; or you can put them in an nurture drip campaign where they receive a series of valuable emails, texts, facebook messages to provide them value relevant to the campaign offer they obtained. This is taking the lead down their buyer lifecycle and providing more valuable information to them in order for them to know who you are, like you, and trust you as a solution or service provider.

#4 CONVERT: Convert Leads Into Clients

Here it is! The bottom of the funnel where your hottest leads know, like, and trust you, and are ready to BUY from you!

Develop a conversion plan starting from a bulletpoint script you will use when you first call the lead (ensuring you have a goal in mind, on every point of contact), to creating your value ladder specific for your business.

A value ladder is a way that your services are scaled based on the value being provided and cost for the services. Your target audience needs to be eased into your top, highest value (and most expensive), core offer. This is why you provide a “lead magnet” at first in the attract phase to attract cold traffic to you. Then as they get to know, like, and trust you as you nurture the relationship with the lead, they will be more willing to buy more products or services from you that provide more value, and are more expensive. 

If you don’t have a value ladder for your business, you need one.

Use a value ladder!! The #1 reason businesses disappear after 2 years is because they didn’t have a value ladder. Get customers in, find better ways to serve them, present the solution, move forward and up your value ladder.

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